Take the Step


Without Change, New Things Cannot Come Forth!

- Earlie James Jr

Chart Your Course

My wife and I just completed walking through the book and workbook. The experiences, advice, and steps given in this book provided me with language for some of the places where I have been stuck and how to get past them. There is no doubt in my mind that whenever I encounter the need to have a successful recovery, I will utilize what I have learned from Pastor Earlie James in this book. Thank you Pastor James for being transparent with your experiences and having a passion to help others on their road to recovery!

- Sean Ervin

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Word Soaking [Classic Edition] has changed the way I approach studying the word of God. I find myself unconsciously preparing my heart and mind when it nears the time I set apart to devote myself to God’s word. The excitement that Pastor James has for the word becomes infectious and it has brought back the excitement I first had when I became a believer. This series has set a fire inside my heart that summoned and brought back a reverence for the word that I didn’t realize had dulled. I now view studying the word as a personal encounter where God is waiting to teach and speak to me, instead of an obligation as a Christian.

- Von

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