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"What's in my life is because of what's in me."

- Earlie James Jr

is the first step.

Becoming stuck is not a result of a lack of movement but a lack of knowledge. We must identify in order to begin the process of recovering from traumatic experiences.

How We Become Stuck

Doing what we have always done only yields the results we have always had. No one desires to remain in this state yet so many people go through life existing.

The Enemy of the New You

The enemy of the new you has always been the old you. Recovery is meant to take you in a new direction but your success is predicated upon you addressing the old you.

What is Trauma?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines trauma as a deeply distressing and disturbing experience. It can leave one with mental and emotional challenges, a broken heart, and painful memories that infiltrate our mental psyche.

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