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"Key words help to unlock the revelation in scripture."

- Earlie James Jr


Your faith in God will only be as strong as your knowledge of God. You will never look at the Word of God the same after participating in these sessions!

Word Soaking -
Classic Edition

The purpose of Word Soaking is to help people to grow in their relationship with the Lord so they can see the supernatural power of God manifested in their lives like never before. The key to this is application...what you do with what you hear.

Word Soaking
for Business Professionals

An opportunity for kings and priests to come together for the express purpose of how we can expand the kingdom of God in the various metrons and the various sectors of society. Represented are people in every fabric of society who understand and have heard the clarion call that there is something more than just the business that we do.

Word Soaking -
Special Edition

These are mini Word Soaking courses devoted to specific topics such as Dream Interpretation.

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